Deity Worship Standards (PDF)
Posted on June 16, 2015 · Posted in Digital Books (PDF)

Learn from Lord Krishna Himself as he instructs Uddhava on Deity Worship as described in Chapter 27 of Srimad Bhagavatam, translated by His Divine Grace Mahamandaleshwar Mahant Krishna Balaram Swami complete with his wonderful, authorized and accurate Vrjavasi Purports. Now available in the Digitally Remastered (PDF) format. 

* Digitally remastered (scan)
* Optimum text quality and file size
* Ready for iPad/iPhone/Android
* Text searchable
* PDF ready for print
* Encrypted (Secure)

Many thanks to all the special members of Bhagavat Dharma Samaj who helped make this happen. 

All glories to Sri Sri Radha Govindadeva, the worshipable Deities of Our Spiritual Master!