Freedom from Pride and Entanglement
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”Previously we were blind from being intoxicated by our wealth. We had wanted to conquer the entire earth, which incited us to compete amongst ourselves whereby we mercilessly fought and caused the death of many of our own subjects. We were so maddened with arrogance that even if our own death came and stood before us we didn’t care. But, O Krsna, the movements of time are so mysterious and unstoppable that we lost all our opulence. And due to Your grace we are now free of pride and able to remember Your lotus feet.”

vayam pura sri-mada-nasta-drstayo
jigtsayasya itaretara-sprdhah
ghnantah prajah sva ati-nirghhna prabho
mrtyum puras tvaviganayya durmadah

ta eva krsnad ya gabhira-ramhasa
duranta-viryena vicalitah sriyah
kalena tanva bhavato ‘nukampaya
vinasta-dar pas caranau smarama te

PURPORT by Sri Krsna Balaram Swamiji

In due course, people who depend on Lord Krsna’s mercy and regularly perform devotional service behold Him in person. It is impossible for Krsna to avoid His true devotees. He may take some time to come before them, but He never avoids them. Krsna takes His time to manifest before us because of offenses we make while executing service to Him. In other words, when Lord Krsna sees a devotee lacking dedication, concentration or staunch faith in Him, He compensates this shortcoming by having that devotee wait for His mercy, thereby correcting their shortcomings and thereafter appears before them. When a devotee receives His presence, there is no more entanglement to this world for them and that devotee continues pridelessly serving the Lord and enjoying things of this world until leaving the material body.

[Srimad Bhagavatam, 10.73.15, KBS0182]