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“Physical health is not the goal of human life, but physical health is desired to obtain the goal of human life. The true goal of the soul in a human birth is to please Lord Krsna and to remain a devotee until Lord Krsna is visualized.” [HDG MM Krsna Balaram Swami]

1) If about an ounce of pulp from a ripened jackfruit and a cup of water are mixed and boiled and drank while hot, it removes indigestion, chest burning, and brings immediate rejuvination.

2) Eating ripened jackfruit clears constipation and desirelessness to eat.

3) If juice derived from crushing the leaves from a jackfruit tree is drunk daily then one becomes relieved from diabetes and/or high blood pressure.

4) If jackfruit leaves are chewed and the juice is spit out, in due course blisters from the mouth go away.

5) If jackfruit leaves are dried under the shade and made into powder and one tablespoon is consumed with normal lukewarm water daily, then ulcers from the stomach become removed.

6) If tender leaves from the jackfruit tree are ground and made into round pills and three pills are swallwed a day, this helps cure the throat problems.

7) If green jackfruit (available in Asian grocery stores) is cut and peeled, and a half-inch thick portion of the skin is removed (if it is less skin removed than this it will taste bitter), and it is cut into pieces and cooked into a slushy vegetable preparation and is eaten, then one’s physical weakness is removed.

The home cures that are listed here are quite simple and consist mostly of items you may already have in your kitchen.

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This is Ayurvedic scriptural advice and home cures for maintaining/obtaining good health but it is not to be mistaken as the ultimate cure for you, therefore following a licensed doctor to improve your health is obligatory.