Leading Demigods
Posted on October 30, 2017 · Posted in Material Creation

”That very same blessed Lord who is seated in the hearts of everyone including all those who control this universe, who is all cognizant, who is all pervading, the caretaker of this universe, He who governs this nature permanently, besides that Supreme Lord there is no one other to take care of this universe.”

sa tanmayo hy amrta isa samstho
jnah sarvago bhuvanasyasya gopta
ya ise asya jagato nityam eva
nanyo hetur vidyata isanaya

PURPORT by Sri Krsna Balaram Swamiji

According to the Jyotisa Sastra, there are eight directions to this universe and eight leading demigods are appointed to be the guardians of these directions. Indra, the king of heaven, is the guardian for the East; Agni, the god of fire, is the guardian of Southeast; Yamaraja, the god of death, is the guardian of the South; the guardian of the Southwest is Nairuta, a leading demigod; the guardian of the West is Varuna, the god of water; the guardian of the Northwest is Vayu, the god of air; and the guardian of the North is Kubera, the treasurer of heaven; and the guardian of the Northeast is Rudra, a name of Lord Siva.

Although these demigods control the universe in many ways Lord Krsna is their Supersoul residing in their hearts. They all pay homage unto Lord Krsna and pray for His blessings. In the Vedic civilization there is one Supreme God and His name is Krsna. Everyone else is called demigods who assist the Lord by managing the universe. Sometimes these demigods are addressed as departmental heads that are given charge by Lord Sri Krsna. Besides Him there is no one who ultimately controls this universe.

[Svetasvatara Upanisad, 6.17, KBS0097]