The One Yuga Festival
Posted on January 1, 2016 · Posted in Events

The blessings of God fulfills all and every desires of everyone. He gave us a human birth which itself is a great opportunity to obtain His blessings. He gave many scriptures in which immense knowledge is kept hidden to obtain His blessings. He appears as deity form to give us opportunity to obtain His blessings. Worshipping God’s deity form as per the rules stated in the scriptures rewards blessings. There are many festivals in the temple which help us receive blessings from Him. The rules of deity worship and festivals are taught by a genuine Guru who comes down to this world as a pure devotee from birth. In this festival anyone and everyone can participate and obtain unlimited blessings from the Lord.

A similar festival is being held in Sri Vrindaban Dham, India, where our Swamiji, Sri Krsna Balaram Swamiji, has built a red stone temple, and established Lord Govinda (the most favorite name of Lord Krsna) one yuga ago. One yuga means twelve years in the Vedic scriptures. In this festival Lord Krsna will be awarded a sacred thread. As per Vedic scriptures the biggest festival for the male is when he is awarded a sacred thread and for a female the biggest festival is held when she is given in marriage. Lord Krsna appeared as a son to Nanda Maharaja who belonged to Vaisya Family thus His thread giving ceremony is held twelve years after the inauguration in the deity form. Our Swamiji is well versed in the scriptures thus he knows when what should be done and how it should be done in regards to spiritual functions. We are greatly fortunate in this regard that we have a Guru who can bring us God’s blessings without fail.

The scriptures state that sins accumulated outside of a holy place becomes removed by reaching and observing the holy place. There is no better holy place than Sri Vrindaban Dham. God does not appear at an ordinary place, that is why Vrindaban is called Dham or Home of God. Sri Swamiji has given us a rare opportunity by arranging the Lord’s festival in a proper time (God’s biggest ceremony at His proper date) so we can participate and get the topmost blessing of God. The scriptures state that when one walks before God’s chariot while singing, dancing, playing musical instrument (or clapping) in His holy dham, then each step is calculated by the demigods (heavenly residents) as equal to a horse sacrifice. Those in this world who miss this rare opportunity is a surprise! Those who are lucky they will understand this point and take time off from their busy schedule and come to obtain this unimaginable blessings of God.

Our Swamiji does not differentiate in caste, color, creed, religion or gender. Anyone and everyone can come and participate in this rare festival of our life. Such a festival will not be held again in our lifetime. All arrangements will be made for your lodging, boarding, and security if you informs us in advance (at least 40 days in advance). Book your return tickets and come enjoy the festival, you will not have another such opportunity in your lifetime because no one knows such secrets as our Swamiji does.

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