Srimad Bhagavatam — Volume Fourteen (PDF)
Posted on September 16, 2015 · Posted in Digital Books (PDF)

Download Digitally Remastered Srimad Bhagavatam (Volume Fourteen) with Vrajavasi commentaries by Mahamandaleshwar Mahant Sri Krsna Balaram Swami.

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 The Garuda Purana states:

artho’yam brahma sutranam
bharatartha vinirnayah
gayatri-bhasya rupo’san
vedartha pari brmhitah

“The Srimad Bhagavatam is the commentary of the Vedanta Sutra; the complete purport of Mahabharata; the explanation of the Gayatri Mantra; and the topmost explanation of the Vedas.”

CHAPTER 10: Worthlessness of Material Enjoyment
CHAPTER 11: Symptoms of Liberated and Conditioned Souls
CHAPTER 12: Importance of Saintly Association
CHAPTER 13: Swan Incarnation of the Lord
CHAPTER 14: Superiority of Devotional Service
CHAPTER 15: Description of Mystic Yoga Perfections
CHAPTER 16: Opulences of Lord Sri Krsna
CHAPTER 17: Varnasrama Dharma Explained
CHAPTER 18: Details of Varnasrama Dharma
CHAPTER 19: Details of Spiritual Processes
CHAPTER 20: Path of Devotional Service
CHAPTER 21: The Vedic Path

Many thanks to all the special members of Bhagavat Dharma Samaj who helped make this happen.