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How to Get Purified

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”The Lord who is the cause of everything and whose nature is to cleanse everyone through purificatory processes, and after purifying them He impregnates them with divine qualities. Such is the Supreme Lord who controls this whole creation in every way.”

yac ca svabhavam pacati visvayonih
pacyams ca sarvan parinamayed yah

sarvam etad visvam adhitisthaty eko
gunams ca sarvan viniyojayed yah


Just as muddy and contaminated water needs the filtering process to become drinkable again similarly a materially contaminated soul requires the filter like devotional process to become purified again. The process of devotional service is directly annunciated by the Supreme Lord and He had blessed the process saying, “Whosoever will sincerely adopt it, they will automatically receive divine qualities.” Material and spiritual qualities depend on the Lord because He is the cause and effect of everything. As it is stated in the Brahma Sarithita, sarva karano karanam, “He is the cause of the causes.” He is the same from outside and from within. As it is stated in the Mandukya Upanisad, isyate ca sarvopanisadam sarvatmaiky apratipadakatvam, “Just as a lump of salt is salty both inside and outside similarly the inside and outside of the Supreme Lord is one and the same. He always remains as unchangeable and this knowledge is explained in all the Upanisads.”

[Svetasvatara Upanisad, 5.5, KBS0081]

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