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Julana Yatra in Vrindavan — July 2017

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Bhagavat Dharma Samaj Julana Yatra, July 2017.

“A devotee should always engage in discussing My transcendental appearance and activities; and observe the festivities at auspicious festivals like Janmastami and other festival days by happily singing, dancing and playing musical instruments. A devotee should also congregate at annual festivals on My temple premises.”

mama parvanumodanam

gosthibhir mad-grhotsah


In Vedic civilization all authentic traditional Vaishnava schools observe two kinds of festivals in honor of Lord Krsna; festivals that require fasting; and festivals where congregational singing, dancing, playing music and feasting take place. One may wonder, what are Lord Krsna ‘s festivals. In answer the Garga Samhita states:

dvadasi ekadasi vatha holi sri-pancami tithih
sarvavatara tithayah pavitraropanam tatha
rathayatra bale-rajyam hilndola-kridanam tatha
rasaliladikam visnoh parvany anyany api prabho

“Dvadasi, Ekadasi, Holi, Vasantapaficami, all of the Lord’s appearance days, the temple’s consecration day, Lord Jagannatha’s Rathayatra festival day, Raksabandhan day, swing festival days, Dipavali day, the Lord’s Rasalila day and other festivals for Lord Visnu should be observed with great pomp and extravagance.”

On the Lord’s appearance days all devotees fast from all grains, beans, salt, oils, and vegetables grown above ground. We h ave discussed which eatables are to be accepted and rejected in the purports of the previous Canto. On the other festival days devotees invite guests and cook sumptuous varieties of food and offer it to the Lord, and enjoy His prasadam after singing, dancing and glorifying Him.

[Srimad Bhagavatam, 11.11.36]



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