”O destroyer of everything, we always worship You with many categories of paraphernalia. Please do not be angry with us, or our children, or our grand children, or our cows, or our horses or our armies. Please, do not also reduce our duration of life in any way.”

ma nas toke tanaye ma na ayusi
ma no gosu ma no asvestu ririsah
viranma no rudra bhamito vidhir
havismantah sadam itva havamahe


This verse supports the Vedanta philosophy that dictates that even after worshipping the Lord one cannot expect the Lord to reward one for the service. The Karma Mimarilsa philosophers say that if service is rendered to the Lord properly He is obligated to give reward for the service. But the Vedanta philosophy denies this notion saying that the Supreme Lord is fully independent and is not obliged to anyone in any way for anything. Even after worshipping, the devotee has to pray to the Lord to take care of everything and remain appeased.

[Svetasvatara Upanisad, 4.22, KBS0076]