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Ekadasi, The Day of Lord Hari

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The descriptions of Ekadasis consisting of 26 stories compiled from different Puranas by Mahamandeshwar Mahant Sri Krishna Balaram Swamiji.

Format: Length 6.2″ x Width 9.4″ x 1.18″ Height (Inches), 1.82 Lbs, 201 Pages, Hardbound

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“If a person fasts on Ekadasi, I will burn up all his sins and bestow upon him My transcendental abode… Indeed, Ekadasi is the most meritorious day for destroying all kinds of sins, and it has appeared in order to benefit everyone.” [Lord Krishna to Arjuna]

In the discipline of Krishna consciousness, fasting at regular intervals is highly recommended for both physical and spiritual improvement. The science of nutrition teaches that periodic fasting greatly benefits the body by giving the digestive organs a rest and allowing for internal cleansing. The body then functions much more efficiently. Even more important for devotees of Krishna, however, is the spiritual benefit to be gained by fasting on certain auspicious days, strictly following the rules and regulations. Thus Krishna conscious devotees are enjoined to fast twice a month, on the eleventh day of both the waxing and the waning moon. As described in this book, one who fasts on this day, called Ekadasi, attains not only physical benefit but tremendous spiritual benefit as well. [From Foreword]

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