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Guru Nirnaya Dipika (English)

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It is well known in Vedic civilization that without accepting a Guru one cannot advance spiritually. Such a Guru must meet the guidelines of the ancient scriptures.

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Before anything, one must be well informed and well researched to know the truth, and understand where one must go and what one must do. Nothing should be done blindly and on sentiment alone.

A serious and elevated Vaisnava is recognized by what he speaks, how he speaks, by how truthful he is, and that he does not deviate from the Sastric injunctions. And when it comes to that, I welcome anyone to read this small book about Guru by Sri Krishna Balaram Swami on how to recognize a bonafide Guru — a subject which many have the desire to learn more about after being cheated so many times in Kali Yuga.

Nothing like this book was ever compiled before by anyone else, filled with multiple sources of Sastra (Vedic literature), and it is something that only a thoroughly learned Vaisnava personality like Mahant Krishna Balaram Swami could have done in such an uncompromising way. This read is well worth the urgent attention of any sincere seeker, that is if you really want the whole truth about Guru, who Guru is, what his position is, how to recognize him, how to approach him, and so on.

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