The spiritually minded and devotionally inclined people are invited to participate in the upcoming grand yuga (PUSKARA) festival of Lord Sri Sri Radha Govindaji in our south Indian temple at Nambur held on January 20th to January 22nd 2018. Right after the yuga festival you will be taken to visit (very close to our Nambur temple) Pananrsimha temple (where the deity of Lord Nrsimha practically drinks only half of the drink poured into His mouth and spits out the rest). You can also visit the Tirupati temple (the world’s most famous temple only five hours away from Nambur temple) and can also visit the Madurai’s Minaksi temple as well.

Total trip (including participating in the festival) will take about ten days. Travels in India will be done by trains (with A.C. reserved seats). Please inform us by mail or call us by October 2017 to make your to and fro train reservations. Also please let us know if your plane lands in Delhi or in Vijayawada, the arrangements will be made according to your plan. Please inform us about your travel details. Indian train reservations require four months ahead of departure date to have confirmed seats in trains. Thank you. Jai Sri Radhe.

For reservations please email us at

As per the Padma Purana, the rule for an established a temple of Lord Krsna is that a grand festival is to be held when He completes His one Yuga in His deity form in the temple. This festival is called Puskara Festival in Sanskrit. Those who perform this festival and those who financially support the festival, they all receive the direct blessings of Lord Krishna. Those who are unable to help financially but come to participate in the Festival in a humble mood and physically perform services at the Festival, they obtain the merit of performing a horse sacrifice. 

This Puskara Festival in Nambur, A.P., India will start on January 20th till January 22nd, 2018.

Please call in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements for your stay, and so that your experience visiting our temple is pleasurable and comfortable. 

The Padma Purana states the following:

pratisthato dvadase varse puskarotsavam acharet
vangmanah kayajan dosan jana-sammarda sambhavan

gatagatair narais tatra krtan sarvans ca kalmasan
parihartum sri brdhyartham puskarotsavam acharet
acharya dharma-kartradi sahakarayutah sada
devasya ajnaya tatra puskarotsavam acharet


Lord Krsna told Lord Brahma, “When Lord Krsna’s deity form completes one yuga (twelve years) from the day of inauguration Puskara festival must be held for the deity. The sinners who visited the temple, those who visited the temple while thier minds were still contaminated, those who acted/behaved badly while in the temple and those who spoke ill words or used unacceptable words in the temple while vising it, all such faults should be removed by performing the Puskara festival. The Brahmana Acharyas who are experts in performing the details of the Puskara festival should be invited to perform the festival. This is the order of the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna and it is why it removes the sins of the participants.”