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With SEND TO KRSNA.ORG you can easily send any files you like to Krsna.org, such as video, audio, photos, documents and so on. You can do it on the computer and also from your mobile phone by accessing the web address www.krsna.org/send

You can upload files with a file size of maximum 250 MB (for each file). There there is no limit to the number of files you can send. It is simple and easy to use. For sending files larger than 250 MB please contact us at info@krsna.org and we will help you.

This is a great tool open to everyone who wishes to record Swamiji audio or video lectures, take photos during festivals, scan photos, write texts, etc, and then easily send the content to Krsna.org. We very much appreciate your help with generating great content for Krsna.org. SEND TO KRSNA.ORG is open to all and if you know someone who wishes to send files to Krsna.org, please just give him/her the following web address which can be easily accessed via computer or mobile device: