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The Story of Gaur Das

Krishna Lotus Mala1a

When a person surrenders everything to Krsna, then Krsna becomes everything for him. He personally deals with such devotees. For example, about three hunderd years ago a devotee named Gaur das lived in Nandagram, the principle village of Nanda Maharaja. Living near the Prema Sarovara Lake, he would daily worship Krsna by offering Him a garland of flowers. After many years had passed and Gaur das did not see any blessings coming from his service to Krsna, he concluded that Krsna was very hardhearted and decided to move elsewhere. That evening he left his residence and after passing Nandagram by about one mile, he saw a dark boy standing there blocking his path. This boy was actually Krsna disguised in the form of a boy. Gaur das was unaware that this was Lord Krsna, and that He was very pleased with his daily flower offering. Lord Krsna did not want Gaur das to leave Nandagram and renounce his daily service to Him, and decided to bless Gaur das with His presence. While blocking his path the boy (Krsna) asked, “O Baba (a respectable address to a devotee), where are you going?” Babaji answered, “I am leaving for another village.” The boy said, “No Baba, you should return to your home.” Babaji replied, “No, my dear boy, I spent a long time in this village serving Krsna, but received nothing in return.” The boy insisted, “No Baba, you should do as I say.” Babaji replied, “No I will not stay here, and you should not stop me.” The boy then replied, “Then who will offer Me nice flower garlands from now on?” Upon hearing this Babaji asked, “Who are you to say this?” Just then Krsna disappeared, and Gaur das realized that Krsna had personally appeared before him. Being fully satisfied with such a great blessing, Gaur das returned to Nandagram and continued his daily service to Lord Krsna. Krsna personally accepted Gaur das’s flower garlands and would sometimes appear in his dreams and say, “Gaur das, please do not stop your flower service to Me.”

[Sri Krsna Balaram Swamiji, KBS5139]

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