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Teaching to the Right People

Lord Krsna Caitanya

”You should not teach these instructions of Mine to those who are hypocritical, atheistic, fraudulent, will not listen faithfully, are not devotional, or are not humble.”

naitat tvaya dambhikaya
nastikaya sathaya ca

asusrusor abhaktaya
durvinitaya diyatam


It is the duty of the followers of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to somehow find the ways and means to preach and convince whomever they meet to adopt spiritual life. If they adopt spiritual life, they will receive liberation from this material world. But, while slowly injecting the medicine-like spiritual philosophy through preaching, if a devotee of Lord Chaitanya finds that the listener is faithless, hypocritical, or deceitful then that devotee should avoid wasting time with them. A follower of Lord Chaitanya is a doctor who is on the battlefield of maya trying to save the spiritually wounded and fallen while fighting that battle in the material existence. As a doctor only works on those soldiers who can be saved, and does not waste time with those soldiers who cannot be saved due to limited time, similarly a devotee of Lord Chaitanya does not waste time with those who are offensive or would not listen even after being preached to repeatedly. Such a devotee only works with those who can be spiritually saved.

[Srimad Bhagavatam, 11.29.30, KBS0181]

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