The Red Stone Temple

Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir
Sri Vrindavan Dhama
100 Feet Road, Raman Reti
Vrindaban, Uttar Pradesh, 281121


Telephone: +91 (925) 979-5338
Telephone: +91 (983) 770-5324

This newly constructed Radha Govinda Temple, is based on a famous historic temple built about 500 years ago by Srila Rupa Goswami, a direct Sanyasi disciple of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (the devotee incarnation of Lord Krsna). Rupa Goswami was instructed by Lord Chaitanya to travel to Vrindaban from Bengal, and excavate the locations of Lord Sri Krsna’s Lila (pastimes). While there and chanting his daily japa (a silent chant on beads), Lord Krsna manifested before him and instructed him to construct a temple, install His deity, and worship Him. The next day, while contemplating Lord Krsna’s statement, he saw a cow atop a hillock freely pouring milk from her udders, unattended. Seeing this, Srila Rupa Goswami invited the leading Vrjavasis (local residents) there, and requested them to dig that spot where the cow had poured her milk. While digging, the Vrjavasis found a Govinda deity (a favorite name of Lord Krsna). This is the exact deity originally worshipped 5000 years ago by Lord Krsna’s grandson, Vajranabha. Engaging help by the then enthroned King Mansingh, Rupa Goswami erected a 7 storey red stone temple, adorned with intricate beautiful carvings. Since then, several generations in Srila Rupa Goswami’s lineage worshipped Lord Govinda, until the Mogul Emperor Aurangajeb, came and dismantled 4 of the 7 stories. But luckily as fate would have it, just before Aurangajeb’s arrival, the Govinda deity was taken to Jaipur (the capital city of a neighboring state) so Govindaji’s worship would not be interrupted. Since the time that temple was damaged 300 years ago, no one has built such a temple. Swamiji’s Guru was desirous to build such a temple, but it did not materialize.

Sri Sri Govinda regular temple programs are as follows:

5 am Mangala-Arati
7 am Sringar-Arati (from Holi to Dipavali;February to November)
7:30 am Seringara Arati (from Dipavali to Holi; November to February)
8:00 am Balbhog Arati (from Holi to Dipavali; February to November)
8:30 am Balbhog Arati (from Dipavali to Holi; November to February)
12:00 noon Rajabhog Arati
5:00 pm Dhoop Arati (from Holi to Dipavali; February to November)
4:30 pm Dhoop Arati (from Dipavali to Holi, November to February)
6:30 Sandhya Arati (from Vasanta Panchami to Ramanavami; from Decenber to End of March)
7:00 pm Sandhya Arati (from Ramanavami to Janmastami; from April to August)
6:30 pm Sandhya Arati (from Janmastami to Sarat Purnima; from August to September)
6:00 pm Sandhya Arati (from Sarat Purnima to Vasanta Panchami; October till December)
8:00 pm Sayana Arati (from Holi to Dipavali; February to November)
7:30 pm Sayana Arati (Dipavali to Holi; November to February)

Note: The above dates vary from one year to another as the temple timings are decided as per Vedic Sanskrit Calendar.


The Lord has now inspired our Swamiji (Sri Krsna Balaram Swami), to erect a temple of the same intricately carved red stone, as did Srila Rupa Goswami, so that Lord Govinda can again be worshipped in Vrindaban Dham, India. The foundation of currently completed temple is 51 feet x 51 feet x 33 feet deep, and is filled with large carved stones, as is Rupa Goswami’s temple.

The worship adopted in the temple is as per strict Vedic rules and performed by traditional Brahmana born devotees. Only such uncompromised pure performances in the right environment carry the divine blessing that fulfill one’s desires. As this temple is solely constructed of red stone, it will stand for thousands of years as a monument, bringing pride to India and her culture. Every piece of stone of the temple is placed as per the Vastu Sastra (construction science of auspiciousness).

Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir
Nambur, Andhra Pradesh
Mangalagiri Road, Nambur
Guntur, Andhra Pradesh 522501


Phone: +91 (784) 259 3997

Bhagavat Dharma Samaj has a temple in Nambur, Andhra Pradesh, India. We invite all who are interested in uplifting their soul to visit our Temple and obtain the blessings of the Supreme Lord.

Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir
Hanover, Maryland
7418 Race Road
Hanover, Maryland, 21076


Telephone: +1 (443) 296-7785

Bhagavat Dharma Samaj now has a Sri Sri Radha Govinda Temple in Hanover, Maryland. We invite all who are interested in uplifting their soul to visit our Temple and obtain the blessings of the Supreme Lord.