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The Great Prediction

The above Hindi passage is taken from Swamiji’s horoscope booklet prepared by professor Ramachandra Pandeya (his letterhead is above the passage), a close friend of Swamiji’s father. Years after preparing this horoscope, he became Dean of the faculty of astrological sciences at the University of Kashi Hindu Visvavidyalaya, Varanasi, India, and predicated the following about our Guru Krsna Balaram Swami, who was a child at that time . He wrote in Swamiji’s horoscope predicting that “This child will take the Sanyasa order, will become a well-respected and honored saint, will carry the unbroken chain of disciplic succession of his Guru forward, and will make many disciples who will later make many disciples. Thus, the unbroken chain of spiritual disciplic succession will carry on further. Swamiji will either join a spiritual institution or establish his own spiritual institution to fulfill his mission.”

This is one of the physical proofs that Swamiji has fulfilled the earnest desire of his Guru who stated that if even one person becomes a pure devotee of the Lord, he will consider his attempt a success. All this has come true, as have many other predictions written in Swamiji’s horoscope booklet. Now it depends on who are the fortunate souls that will participate in Swamiji’s mission and will become connected to the Supreme God, Lord Sri Krsna, thus cutting the tie to the cycle of birth and death, and reach the spiritual world to enjoy with Him eternally.

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