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The one Who completely pervades this universe.

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”The personality who pervades this entire universe, who knows everything that is going on, who is the controller of death personified, who is filled with good qualities, who is all-cognizant, who controls everyone’s deeds, due to whom everything is functioning properly, by whom earth, water, fire, air and ether are controlled, that personality should certainly be meditated upon.”

yenavrtam nityam idam hi sarvam
jnah kala-kalo guni sarva-vidyah
tenesitam karma vivartate ha
prthvyaptejo ‘nilakhani cintyam



The Supreme Lord who is the source and the shelter of the universe and completely pervades this universe. In the Kena Upanisad it is stated that nothing can exist without His power. He knows everything. There is nothing, which exists in this creation, which is unknown to Him.

[Svetasvatara Upanisad, 6.2, KBS0086]

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