List of the participants in this rare and magnificent temple construction.

This Radha Govinda Temple was constructed by His Holiness Mahant Krsna Balaram Swami, the Bhoomipujan ceremony was performed by His Excellency Mr. Romesh Bhandari, the then Governor of Uttar Pradesh on 26 May 1997, during the period of His Excellency Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma was the President of India and His Excellency Mr. H.D. Dev Gouda was the Prime Minister of great nation of India.

1) Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma (President of India) — Adviser of astrology and Sthapati
2) Mr. Romesh Bhandari (Governor of U.P.) — Helped in sanctioning the temple project
3) Mr. Yerram Naidu (Union Cabinet Minister) — Arranged the chief of all Sthapatis
4) Dr. Venugopalachari (Union Agriculture Minister) — Laid the first foundation stone
5) Mr. Sadakant Shukla (District Magistrate) — Arranged to sanction temple plans
6) Mr. B. Satyanarayana (Former A.P. Minister) — Arranger of ceremonies
7) Ganapathi Siddhanti (Andhra Pradesh) — Astrological guide construction
8) Mr. S. Velu (Chief Sthapati) — Sthapati Supervisor. Andhra Pradesh Endowments
9) Prof. Venkateshwar Rao (Andhra Pradesh) — Foundation Designer
10) Mr. S.V.S. Prasad (Endowment Commissioner (A.P.) — Sthapati dispatcher
11) Sri Sarvatma Das (Andhra Pradesh) — Civil Engineering & Supervision Help
12) Mr. Scott Knowles (Kaviraj), Mrs. Vicki Knowles, Mr. Nick J. Epsilantis (Nandkumar), Mike Richardson (Mukund), Leon Reynolds (Lochan), Dr. Hand G. Bickel (Dr. Haldhar), Pedro A. Acosta (Partha Sarathi), Jose P. Hernandez (Hare Krishna Das), and Adam Westcott (Adi Purusa); and with the cooperation of some other foreign disciples.

This copper plate was placed by His Excellency Mr. Romesh Bhandari, the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, on 19.01.98 at 11.39 A.M. as per the Astrological and Scriptural rules. This plate is placed 33 feet below the Lord.