“Those devotees blessed with the dust of Your lotus feet do not aspire for the happiness of heaven, nor that of the highest abode in this creation, Lord Brahma’s residence. Nor do they desire to rule the earth or the subterranean planets. They neither have any interest in the perfection of Yoga meditation, or have any desire for achieving liberation from this world.”

na naka-prstham na ca sarva-bhaumam
na paramesthyam na rasadhipatyam
na yoga-siddhir a-punar-bhavam va
vanchanti yat-pada-rajah-prapannah


Those who are cured of the disease of the influence of the material world have come under the mercy of the Supreme Lord. This can only happen through the spiritual realization that is obtained from contact with an authentic Guru. Following a Vaisnava Guru frees one from the fear of birth and death in this material creation. Following an authentic Guru is the only way to receive the mercy of the Supreme Lord. As it is stated in the Bhakti Rasayanam, dhurdharsa rosa visa bhesajam ekam eva lokattaram nati-nuti pracuram vaco yat, “Liberation from the attack of the unbearable poisonous problems of this world can only be solved by hearing and following the words of an authentic Spiritual Master. He represents the mercy of the Supreme Lord in this world, which rescues the living entity.” When such mercy is obtained, the devotee becomes free from all fear of this world.

Not only earthly pleasures, but even the happiness of heaven, and having a high position in the abode of Lord Brahma become negligible to a surrendered devotee. Every perfection and liberation becomes inferior before the mercy of the Lord.

[Srimad Bhagavatam, 10.16.37, KBS0061]