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Showboat Spiritualists
Posted on June 16, 2017 · Posted in Srimad Bhagavatam

The age we live in is called Kaliyuga, meaning the age of hypocrisy and quarrel, and it began five thousand one hundred seven years ago. Kaliyuga is averse to real.. read more

Tolerance for Others’ Benefit
Posted on June 15, 2017 · Posted in Material Creation

“Just see these fortunate trees standing at one place exclusively meant for benefiting others. They not only tolerate troubles arising from torrents of rain, scorching heat, strong winds and frost,.. read more

Viešpaties Krsnos Vienos Jugos „Puskara“ Festivalis
Posted on June 10, 2017 · Posted in Events

Visus, trokštančius gauti transcendentinės malonės bei patirti neišdildomus įspūdžius, kviečiame dalyvauti artėjančiame „Puṣkara“ festivalyje Viešpaties Śri Radha Govindaji garbei, mūsų šventykloje, esančioje Nanburo mieste. Festivalis įvyks 2018 metais sausio 20–22.. read more

The Secret of All Secrets
Posted on April 21, 2017 · Posted in The Supreme Lord

”The Supreme Lord who is the secret of all the secrets, who is unlimited, who never perishes and who encompasses both knowledge and ignorance, is situated beyond the reach of.. read more

Puskara Festival in Nambur — January 20-22, 2018
Posted on April 16, 2017 · Posted in Events

The spiritually minded and devotionally inclined people are invited to participate in the upcoming grand yuga (PUSKARA) festival of Lord Sri Sri Radha Govindaji in our south Indian temple at.. read more

Freedom from Pride and Entanglement
Posted on April 15, 2017 · Posted in Uncategorized

”Previously we were blind from being intoxicated by our wealth. We had wanted to conquer the entire earth, which incited us to compete amongst ourselves whereby we mercilessly fought and.. read more

When Darkness of Ignorance is Destroyed
Posted on April 13, 2017 · Posted in Guru

”When the darkness of ignorance is destroyed from the heart then there remains no duality of night and day or beginning and end. At this stage only the auspicious Lord.. read more

How to Get Purified
Posted on March 31, 2017 · Posted in Devotional Service

”The Lord who is the cause of everything and whose nature is to cleanse everyone through purificatory processes, and after purifying them He impregnates them with divine qualities. Such is.. read more

The Purification of the Soul
Posted on March 27, 2017 · Posted in Material Creation

”Every category of scriptural knowledge, sacrifices, oblations, fasting vows and every kind of purificatory activities the Vedas had described in the past, present and future they are meant for the.. read more

How to Become Free from Birth and Death
Posted on March 17, 2017 · Posted in The Supreme Lord

”The Supreme Lord who protects all the universes, who is the worshipable Lord of everyone, who is always concealed inside the hearts of every living entity, upon whom all the.. read more