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Julana Yatra in Vrindavan — July 2017
Posted on August 4th, 2017 · Posted in Events

Bhagavat Dharma Samaj Julana Yatra, July 2017. “A devotee should always engage in discussing My transcendental appearance and activities; and observe the festivities at auspicious festivals like Janmastami and other festival.. read more

Viešpaties Krsnos Vienos Jugos „Puskara“ Festivalis
Posted on June 10th, 2017 · Posted in Events

Visus, trokštančius gauti transcendentinės malonės bei patirti neišdildomus įspūdžius, kviečiame dalyvauti artėjančiame „Puṣkara“ festivalyje Viešpaties Śri Radha Govindaji garbei, mūsų šventykloje, esančioje Nanburo mieste. Festivalis įvyks 2018 metais sausio 20–22.. read more

Puskara Festival in Nambur — January 20-22, 2018
Posted on April 16th, 2017 · Posted in Events

The spiritually minded and devotionally inclined people are invited to participate in the upcoming grand yuga (PUSKARA) festival of Lord Sri Sri Radha Govindaji in our south Indian temple at.. read more

Vrindavan Festival and Parade — March 2017
Posted on March 14th, 2017 · Posted in Events

(130 photos) Bhagavat Dharma Samaj Vrindavan Festival and Parade of Lord Sri Sri Radha Govindaji in the streets of Sri Vrindaban Dham, India. March 2017. These photos can also be found on.. read more

Vrindavan Annual Festival and Parade — 2017
Posted on February 20th, 2017 · Posted in Events

You are invited to Bhagavat Dharma Samaj’s annual Vrindavan Festival and Parade, that will take place on March 4th 2017, in Raman Reti, Vrindavan, India. Jay Sri Radhe!

Sri Krsna Balaram Swami Vyasa Puja in Vrindavan — 2016
Posted on July 7th, 2016 · Posted in Events

Vyasa Puja of Mahamandaleshwar Mahant Sri Krsna Balaram Swamiji held at the Red Stone Temple in Sri Vrindavan Dham, India. July 6th 2016. These photos can also be found on.. read more

Cow Gives Birth at The Red Stone Temple — 02/06/2016
Posted on June 3rd, 2016 · Posted in Events

Cow gives brith at the Red Stone Temple while the evening arati is going on inside the temple room. Born on Thursday, June 2nd 2016. The calf was given the.. read more

Kumbh Mela 2016
Posted on March 30th, 2016 · Posted in Events

SHAHI SNAN AT KUMBHAMELA (2016) OF HIS DIVINE GRACE MAHAMANDALESHWAR MAHANT SRI KRISHNA BALARAM SWAMIJI MAHARAJ  Kumbha Mela is being held this year 2016 in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India. Sri.. read more

The One Yuga Festival
Posted on January 1st, 2016 · Posted in Events

The blessings of God fulfills all and every desires of everyone. He gave us a human birth which itself is a great opportunity to obtain His blessings. He gave many.. read more

Participants in the construction of The Red Stone Temple
Posted on December 28th, 2015 · Posted in Events

List of the participants in this rare and magnificent temple construction. This Radha Govinda Temple was constructed by His Holiness Mahant Krsna Balaram Swami, the Bhoomipujan ceremony was performed by.. read more